Windows provide a significant architectural element to a home, giving it character and overall personality. They can make a home give off the sophistication of a modern structure or the elegance of an old heritage building. And with any type of window, the right window dressings are required.

Window dressings have a lot to offer. They filter sunlight, keep the room warm, and provide privacy when needed, all while adding a decorative touch to the home. However, windows don’t need just any type of dressing. If so, chances are that they won’t look as appealing and work as needed.

Before decorating your windows with the right curtains, you have to first consider how you intend to use a certain space in your home. Window draperies can be functional, stationary, or both.

If you have a magnificent view outside your window, it’s best to keep your curtains stationary. On the other hand, you may want to consider shutting out an overwhelming amount of outdoor light. In such cases, functional draperies, ones that you can open and close, are the right window treatment for you.

Once you have settled on a preference, then you now need to choose the material of your drapery and the hardware to be installed in your windows. There’s also the decision on which style best suits your home.

To give you more knowledge about window dressings, read this info graphic. You may also hire a professional window-treatment agency to help you make the right decisions regarding your windows.