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Latest Home Design Settings 2021

As the new year approaches, home design trends will soon overshadow the novelties of 2019. Or will they? We have asked a number of designers and those with an eye for style regarding the new trends they think will appear next year. See what they have to say:

What’s “trendy” for 2021

Checkered & Bold Wall Panels

“I think buffalo blush and plaid are here to stay for a while. The industrial, rustic look will continue to be popular. Shiplap is still everywhere! And waterfall edge kitchen islands. And for some reason , people love big, bold wall panels in expensive houses. My husband, a trim carpenter, is installing it everywhere. ” – Dagmar Bleasdale, Dagmar’s home


“The trend that I see gaining momentum (over the past few years and will no doubt continue) is anything you can do yourself! I envision even more DIY projects for the home in 2019, whether it’s installing your own paper! tapestry with unconventional patterns or updating vintage lighting fixtures to create a beautiful combination of modern and retro aesthetics.

With the vast amount of information available online, nothing is impossible. I love the empowerment that comes from being able to master new skills while making your home unique to you and your tastes! I live in a 1900 house with hardwood floors and high ceilings, so vintage charm is already present in every room. Adding some modern pieces creates a contrast of styles that work together like a dream.

I can also find more and more reproduction pieces (like the Joybird sofas!) That maintain the authentic charm of the 50s and 60s while having the durability that comes with new furniture. I’m also inspired by those who use a variety of plants (from tropical trees to cactus gardens) to enhance their spaces. This is something I plan to bring home even more this year! “- Jes Baker, The Militant Baker


“A return to handcrafted authenticity, especially when it comes to furniture and decorative arts rather than buying mass-produced pieces.” – Andria Mitsakos, Oil Nut Bay

“2021 seems to be the year the 1970s and 1980s battle for retro supremacy. Rattan, lots of color, and bold floral prints are all the rage, as are heavier details and organic shapes. Rich velvets, darker brass, and abstract shapes are definitely things we’re seeing more of in a context of ensuring the overall space can remain timeless for years to come. Along the way are blue cabinets, urban farmhouses, and strict minimalism. As always, design accents should help emphasize the overall design intent and not overwhelm it. “- Jeffrey Pelletier, Board & Vellum Architecture and Design

Timeless personality

“I usually don’t pay much attention to trends. When my clients invest in the interior of their homes, they want a design that can become timeless. Their homes reflect who they are: their experiences, personalities, style, and needs, rather than that what is “fashionable” at the moment.

That said, the geopolitical climate of the world always affects the choices of colors, textures, and uses. We are moving towards greater awareness of our environment and “green” materials. Quiet spaces and design have become more important as our lives have gotten crazier – we need spaces to anchor and reestablish ourselves. I began to integrate a fairly new discipline, biophilic design, which helps guide a design through our organic relationships with nature.

Measurable and proven benefits for our clients include being happier, more productive, lowering blood pressure, and more. As art and science are integrated into interior design, the result is more successful and long-lasting. “- Stacey Lapuk, ASID, Stacey Lapuk Interiors

Vibrant and bold colors

“Vibrant Statement Makers: As Pantone’s Color of the Year 2021, it’s no wonder coral is one of the biggest decorating trends for the year ahead. This is great because coral is surprisingly versatile and brings a sense of vibrancy to the home Go big and bold with a bright coral pattern in the bedroom, or add coral accents to the home with a blanket or pillow.

Eye-catching Primary Colors – We think brighter is better, and 2021 will exemplify that. The bold primary colors will revert to pastel and more neutral tones, creating the most vivid and unique homes and bedrooms. “- Karin Sun, Founder of Crane & Canopy

Back to the roots

“We are focused on delving into the cultural context of an area to identify the defining characteristics of the region. We integrate them into every project to make sure they resonate in the moment and will stand the test of time.

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