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Dining Room Statistics, A Must Do It Yourself Concern!!!!!

How long do you live in a new place before you stop saying, we just moved? I think I’m getting to that point, after two and a half years, I finally admitted that my dining room in this house wasn’t big enough to hold the furniture from my last house. A porcelain cabinet and a pine cabinet have taken up valuable space in my small dining room. I came up with an easy open shelving idea, lots of storage space and a light and airy look.Chairs refresh the dining room and creative open shelving. Check the item sale here.

In the photo below you can see the elephant in the room, literally! Time to let go of the big china cabinet. We bought it 4 houses ago and this is the first house it didn’t fit into. I’ve been thinking about open shelving for a while now and thought it was the perfect time to move the huge china shed and get creative with my storage situation.

Small dining room makeover – creative dining room storage
I ordered two of these beautiful bookstores online at The instructions were easy to follow and I put them in myself! I cheated a bit with a cordless screwdriver. Buy is check now.

Upholstered chairs plus open shelving in the dining room
You know how one thing leads to another, because the other is a new rug and four upholstered chairs. When you’re in the mood, go ahead! Well, I’m still debating the lamp. I love it but it may need some spray paint. What you think?

Dining room with open Storage
Mixing up my inexpensive finds and DIY projects made the room feel collected over time. My favorite look!

Open bookshelf
The details of the open shelves are beautiful. I have not seen anything like this, they are much more than bookstores.

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