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Brass Make Brass Holder For a Gorgeous Looking Home

Today our thrift store decorating team is sharing creative planter ideas. The first thing that crossed my mind with this oversized brass ladle was that it could hold succulents or air plants perfectly in my kitchen window. Purchase from here on sale.

Thrifty Brass Plant Holder Idea – Brass Ladle
Air plants are my favorites. I heard that it is very difficult to kill them and I like that the most about them. My kitchen window is home to a couple of delicate plants right now. I’m adding these easy guys to show you how it’s done.

Brass Ladle Planter for Air Plants
Growing up, Mom and Grandma always had some kind of plant in their kitchen window. Grandma used to root a rose, a hydrangea, or some kind of vine. Mom currently has a cactus in the kitchen window and orchids hanging in the living room windows. I guess you could say that we like to plant windows. You see where I’m going with this idea of ​​a ladle hanging in the kitchen window with plants, right? Buy through the store the item check here.

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