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Make Your Home a Cafe With Specially Designed Curtains

Cafe curtains are often maligned for being too cheesy, but there’s a lot to love about them. Consider pure practicality to begin with. Cafe curtains originated from the cafes of 19th century Europe, you guessed it, so that customers could enjoy their strudel or sachertorte and coffee without the curious stares of passersby. And since they only covered the bottom half, two-thirds, or even three-quarters of the window, the curtains in the cafes still let in a lot of light from outside. It is a perfect balance of light and privacy.

Nowadays, many people think that coffee curtains belong only in the kitchen, mainly over the kitchen sink. But, to paraphrase Dr. Seuss, oh my! The places they can go!

Do you have a home office or work corner? Coffee curtains cut the glare from the screen and eliminate distractions while letting light in. If you want to keep your appearance clean and minimal, consider a single-width curtain panel.

  • Are your windows behind the sofa in the living room or behind the bed in your bedroom or anywhere else where floor length curtains won’t work? The pleated coffee curtains on a ring post add softness and design pizazz without being over the top.

  • Does your front door have glass panels? A coffee curtain hung halfway or higher on the glass lets you see who’s at the door without exposing the comings and goings of the house to the outside world.


  • Is there a baby or toddler in the family? Soften the light in the room (and keep heavy curtains away from prying hands) with a lovely patterned coffee curtain.
    Coffee curtains can even work in the bathroom! If you have no neighbors, a privacy hedge outside the bedroom, or a particularly beautiful view from the bathroom, these curtains ensure a sense of privacy without blocking your view. They will also help a dark bathroom feel lighter.

Perhaps you’re envisioning coffee-only curtains as ruffled and ruffled gingham plaid in a vintage kitchen. But no! There are so many different curtain and headboard styles and so many curtain rods to choose from. Usually, coffee curtains are hung from a tension rod; the lighter weight of the curtains lends itself to this easy solution. And not all tension bars are the same. Even these utility rods come in various diameters, finishes, and styles.

You can also use a decorative rod and rings, ranging from classic ribbed wooden posts to sleek, modern wrought iron. Any curtain will look modern and elegant hanging from a narrow rod with matching rings.


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