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Six Superb Interior Design Trends

6 Stunning Interior Trends for Winter with Drapery Rods to Match! 

Staying up to date with interior trends and fads is a fun and easy way to keep your home feeling fresh and beautiful. However, it can become quite a costly exercise to revamp your home every season. So, look to the finer details to give your home an update. From scatters to accessories and drapery rods, here are the top interior trends for winter to spruce up your home on a budget! Get on sale from here.


1)  Wild Print


wrought iron drapery rod in a gray bedroom with animal print

Yes, animal print! The controversial trend is back in the world of fashion and it is also going crazy in interior design. And just like oversized floral prints, animal patterns are getting oversized too. Incorporate your favorite leopard spots or zebra stripes in monochrome for a Scandinavian touch. Use patterns on scattered cushions or curtains with matching curtain hardware. Choose iron rods for contemporary curtains with iron finials and iron retainers for a sophisticated look. Purchase through the store the it interior design items.

If it feels like a big splurge, choose an upholstered lounge chair and complement this statement piece with neutral colors.

2)  Silvery Tones


wrought iron drapery rod in a silver bedroom with light walls

Earlier this year, we saw metallic interiors gleaming through warm copper, gold, and bronze. But now the colder season has brought with it some super cool silver! Silver feels especially at home in a contemporary interior in the form of contemporary artwork or sculpture, cushions and hardware. Silver and pearlescent fabrics can add a bit of subtle glamor to an interior without taking over. This product silvery store is sold here with discounts online.

Choose disappearing-seeming curtain accessories like an acrylic curtain rod to keep the emphasis on silver curtains. Or choose neutral shades in charcoal or blue-tinted gray and pair them with a silver-finish curtain rod with contemporary trim.

3)  Deeper and Darker


navy kitchen with cafe curtain drapery rod


Fall trends saw a surge in jewelry colors and rich hues in every corner of the home, from the walls to the soft, velvety textiles. But winter is taking deep color to a whole new, darker level. Dark colors like navy blue, charcoal, and ash are adding a deep minimalist aesthetic to every room in the house. There are few things as flashy as a black kitchen with stunning spot lighting over the kitchen island.

Complement a dark kitchen with minimalist coffee curtains in an earthy olive green or gray curtain. Choose a coffee curtain rod as an understated way to let the curtains take on the show. Get Deeper and Darker here.

4)  Tweed


Tweed in the bedroom with heavy duty drapery rods

Tweed, created in the 18th century and popularized among the British aristocracy of the 19th century, is back and better than before. Classic tweed styles have been renewed for the better!

Jump on the train of modern renaissance by opting for clean, straight lines. Think rectangles and squares, but with a soft touch. Tweed rugs perfectly match neutral and Scandinavian nomadic trends.

Pair this sophisticated tactile trend with alpaca wool blankets and eye-catching prints or artwork. When it comes to window decoration, keep things comfortable with dress curtains held up by a sturdy curtain rod.

5)  Macho-Femme

masculine and feminine design elements with drapery rods

We are seeing a movement towards the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine design in interiors. The days of purely male or female motifs are long gone as neutral and androgynous styles begin to take shape. Now a heavy gaming chair, usually leather, can come in feminine flowers or soft pearl duck egg. The result is an armchair that demands attention but has a touch of fantasy and elegance that was lacking before. Roses can now even grace a loft or industrial style interior without looking kitschy, who would say?

Add some feminine glamor to a masculine interior by adding feminine touches with tasseled material or more ornate decor elements like a gold mirror. Choose ornate window finishes such as floral retentions and ornate trim.

Alternatively, add macho boldness to a feminine space with dark leather and metallic finishes. Opt for black curtain rods with end caps or a grained wood cross curtain rod

6)  Rust

Warm rust sofa in an eclectic living room and metal drapery rods

The rust captures all the warm colors of the desert; deep orange, terracotta, caramel and desert sand. Perfect for American nomadic interior styling, filled with leather and creamy textiles. Incorporate orange-hued accessories like a hanging tapestry, pottery, and planters, and the wall color to set the earthy tone.

Keep your style palette in other earth tones like stone and olive for a harmonious design. Or add moody depth to the space by creating a focal rust wall with adjacent charcoal walls. Complement the look with natural fibers in the sand colored wool curtains and blankets. Choose curtain hardware that displays raw elements such as metal curtain rods and curtain retainers.

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