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Powder Room Outlook Of Your Homes Interior Design

Oh my God. We actually did. The dresser makeover reveal is here! I hope you are as excited as I am.

In case progress has been missed, you can catch up below.

Before I continue, I have to thank my amazing husband, Brad. When we started this project, I was wondering if we would make it to our 10th wedding anniversary. And we did it! Things got hairy a few times though. Tomorrow we celebrate 10 years. Without your help, this dresser makeover would not have happened. He participated against his will. From 0 to 10, his enthusiasm was a solid 1.5. And I really can’t blame him. But he did an excellent job helping me execute my vision. So if you do come into contact with him, praise his talent and hard work. Because your girl has more makeovers in the space she wants to tackle. Buy with cut rates here.

Now get to work!


We started with our very, very basic builder grade vanity. Boring pedestal sink, boring toilet, boring mirror, flying bird look vanity light, and a toilet paper holder that fell off the wall.


Can you even !? Because I can not.


Remember this boring wall with the giant towel rack that was clearly a man’s idea?

Boring walls and silly towel holder no more!

I installed peel and stick wallpaper Rifle Paper Co. Juniper Forest on the tops of the walls. Before installing the wallpaper, I painted the walls with a satin paint color to match the background of the wallpaper. Click here to read why I painted the walls before installing the wallpaper. Get the Bathroom fitting now.

I also painted the ceiling in the same color but with a matte finish. I would have opted for the blueprints, but they had no matte paint. The ceiling was painted because the white ceiling was sticking out like a sore thumb, and I wanted the focus to be on everything else in the room. Although now I am tempted to add crown molding and repaint the ceiling white to brighten up the room a bit more. We’ll see.

For the underside of the walls, Brad and I installed a bead board with a top trim consisting of 1 x 4 and 1 x 2. I painted the trim, baseboards, and Benjamin Moore Oil Cloth door with a semi-gloss finish. The bead board was painted with BM Oil Cloth in a satin finish.


I chose a console sink with a polished nickel stand and legs because I wanted to keep the small room from looking too crowded. And I feel like it achieves that. I love the classic look of the brushed nickel.

The console sink comes with an optional towel rack. We place it on the right side of the sink for easy access. Fingers crossed, our kids are meek as they towel off their hands.

How about another photo from before as a gentle reminder of what this room looked like four weeks ago? Select here for your choice of bathroom accessories.

This corner of the dresser is much brighter now. The Kingston Brass Faucet in Polished Nickel is such a timeless piece.

I am a bit obsessed with mangoes.

In the FFT, the luxurious toilet. It’s what Brad called the toilet when he installed it on Father’s Day. The toilet is the popular Kohler Memoirs Stately in white. And those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I did extensive research on toilet seats. I chose to go with the Cachet Quiet-Close toilet seat. Only the best for the liabilities of this house.

It really is an FFT. Just look at those lines.


RIP seagull soaring in the sky, searching for stale fries to devour the dresser light.

And hello, new polished nickel dressing table lamp. I went with light curtains to better disperse the light throughout the room. But my goodness, it is difficult to find attractive bulbs with the desired wattage and degrees Kelvin.


Since two young children will be using the dresser, a stool was a must. But I couldn’t put our plastic IKEA stool in the beautiful room. Blasphemous. So I bought an unfinished stool and painted it BM Oil Cloth to match the bead board. That way, it could blend into the room and not divert attention from the console sink.

Everything on the toilet is something I already had. The wooden tray is a couple of years old from H&M. The white clove milk glass vase is vintage and the crystals are from my personal collection. I don’t really consider my handful of crystals to be a personal collection, I just think that makes me look more elegant.

I love chamomile flowers. Bless these ladies for putting up with this photo shoot. I bought them at Trader Joe’s a week ago so I didn’t know if they would get it or not.

I’ll share more about the makeover in the coming days. I plan to break down some of the projects we accomplished in the space.

I honestly can’t believe we made it in less than a month while we both worked full time from home and had our two children at home full time over the summer break. We started the demo on May 29th and completed the dressing table on June 22nd. Tomorrow we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, so this weekend we’ll keep it cool with no DIY projects.


It will be necessary to make some changes in the room. First, the sink needs a functional polished nickel drain. I didn’t realize that the drain pipe that came with the polished nickel faucet was going to be gray. Brad installed it and I said, “Oh no. No, this is not going to work. “He was everything,” My God, are you real? Okay. “And I said,” The bottom sink carriage is supposed to be shiny, polished nickel. That’s why I spent over $ 50 for a polished nickel P-trap. ” So I did what any determined woman who is obsessed with detail would do. I went to Lowe’s, bought a pipe, removed the gray drain, inserted the new pipe into the P-trap, and taped it in place. It was like one of those “No one’s gonna know” TikTok videos. Brad swears everyone who reads this will know. But I told him that maybe 5% would notice. Did you notice my MacGyvered pipe?

The mirror will also need to be changed. It is too tall and thick. And that beast weighs like 50 pounds. I need to turn off the vanity light (it is currently up) so I can lower the light. Right now it’s lighting up the ceiling. But I can’t because the mirror is too tall and thick. I will post an updated photo once I get a new mirror.

Lastly, we need to install a toilet paper holder. The one I ordered was faulty and in our mad rush to finish the room finding a replacement in time was thrown out the window. How to hang the mirror> find and install a polished nickel toilet paper holder.

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